22 October 2016


Hello my lovelies!
I don't know about you, but I'm loving every single minute of Autumn! The crisp air, starry nights, log fires, hot drinks and the list of autumn goodness goes on... However, the colder months can definitely start to take its toll on your skin and it's radiance in particular. Waking yourself up on a dark Monday morning is hard enough as it is, without the worry of a dull complexion! I thought I would share my Autumn morning skincare routine, which is full of brightness enhancing products that will keep your skin bright and moisturised right throughout the day! I hope you enjoy this post lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. 

First up I reach for my Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, which has definitely reached HG status for me! I like to apply it to dry skin initially and massage the gel formula, which turns to oil right into my skin to ensure I'm getting all the brightening benefits. It contains Pumpkin Enzyme which gently purges pores and helps to dissolve any dead skin that might be causing a dulling appearance on your skin. I then add water,which turns the oil into a light cleansing milk. Once I'm done I either use a clean flannel to wipe my face dry, or just wash it off straight off if I'm in the shower. Next up I use my Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator, which is a super gentle  and hydrating exfoliator. It uses absolute Moroccan Rose along with smooth micro-spherical Jojoba beads that leaves your skin feeling smooth and looking extra radiant. I can't get enough of this, plus it smells exactly like Fentimans Rose Lemonade. Yum.  

Once I'm done with cleansing, I gently tone with my Elemis Apricot Toner and  move onto my Caudalie Vino perfect Serum, which is scientifically proven to brighten and renew your skin within just 4 weeks. I love how silky this serum feels on my skin and it's the perfect way to add an extra touch of radiance to your skin, with it's brightening and correcting ingredients. To finish off moisturising skin I use my Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Moisturiser, which is packed full of vitamins, green tea and soy proteins, which enable it to fight signs of environmental damage, leaving your skin healthy and rejunventated. Last but not least I apply a small pea sized amount of the Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream which instantly refreshes, hydrates, brighten and perks up your peepers ready for the day ahead. 

I hope you enjoyed my Autumn Morning Skincare Routine lovelies - I would love to hear how you keep your skin glowing during the autumn/winter seasons. 

Lots of Love

20 October 2016

Bath&Body Works - Warm Apple Pie Review ❤

Hello my lovelies
Hope you're all keeping well? I've had a pretty crazy day in work, but instead of coming home and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to get my blog on and have a little chat about a candle that i purchased whilst recently in Dubai. it really is good enough to eat! I hope you enjoy this review lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. 

When it comes to candles, I always gravitate to warm comforting scents, especially with autumn well and truly here. I'm still mourning the fact that the Laura Mercier discontinued their warm roasted chestnuts candle. on my recent vacation to Dubai i took my opportunity and stopped by the heavenly bath&body works store. I picked up three beautiful candles, even though I could have probably flown the shop home with me if I had a case and plane big enough for the job! I thought I would write individual reviews on each candle, as they are all fantastic in their own ways! 

Warm Apple Pie is a warm sugary scent from the White Barn Collection made using the highest concentration of fragrance oils along with an exclusive blend of vegetable wax and wicks, that melt evenly. notes of baked granny smith apple, melted brown sugar and flaky homemade crust make you truly believe that you've been busy home baking a delicious apple pie - I wish i could cook delicious desserts, but this candle does a pretty good job of making my room smell like I'm Mary berry in the making! I have genuinely been so impressed by how evenly this candle burns, as well as it's incredible scent throw. it's truly addictive and I'm dreading the day I run out and have to suck up the customs charges - it's just too good not to have!

Overall, I would seriously recommend this candle if you're near a Bath&Body Works store, or if you plan on placing an order - it's just divine and will totally satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth!

Lots of Love

15 October 2016

Autumn Adventure At Bluestone National Park Resort ❤

Hello Lovelies
Long time no speak! I flew back to the UK from a dreamy vacation to Dubai last week and went from one adventure to another. I was lucky to be invited to review the Bluestone Resort, which is situated amongst 500 acres of rambling and unspoilt woodland and clear blue lakes, which make it the perfect romantic countryside escape or a family retreat to remember. We stayed in the Tenby Lodge, which in short was spacious, well equipped and squeaky clean. I hope you enjoy this post and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. 
We drove down to Bluestone from Monmouthshire - South Wales on Thursday morning, which took us roughly 2 hours. The road network was very good and also extremely straight, which made for a pleasant car journey. When we arrived at Bluestone we were greeted with a lovely sweeping driveway with manicured gardens, which instantly gave us a great impression of the resort. Check in was incredibly straight forward and involved us handing over basic details at the security check point just outside the Resort, we didn't even have to get out the car! The lodge we were assigned was a "Tenby Lodge" located at Templars Court, one of the many stunning complexes at Bluestone. The resort operate a no car policy (apart from blue badge holders) so once we dropped our bags off to our lodge, we were required to park our car in the secure long stay car park located near the entrance to the resort. I wasn't expecting to like the feeling of not having the car, but actually having no cars driving around made our Bluestone experience truly relaxing and serene. Due to the size of the resort, there is an option to rent a golf buggy to get around quicker!
On entering our lodge we were met with a utility type space, which I can imagine would be perfect for kicking off shoes (Muddy wellies in the winter) before entering the lodge! When we opened the main door into the lodge we were pleasantly surprised by how modern, spacious and clean the main living area was. The kitchen is well equipped and had a real modern feel to it, which I loved! The living area was spacious with two comfy settees a samsung hi-def television and dining table to seat five people. The downstairs section of the lodge is a real labyrinth of space and also consisted of two twin rooms and a modern, clean and spacious bathroom! - One thing to mention is that even though the lodge was spacious, it had a real homely feel to it. On our first night we enjoyed a cosy night in front of the TV with hot choc and mini marshmallows, which we purchased at the on site store. I also had one of the most relaxing baths that I've ever had! and that's saying a lot from a beauty blogger. The upstairs section of the lodge was equally as spacious! Myself and Daniel also really liked the plush carpet featured upstairs only. The only room upstairs was a double bedroom and en-suite and wow what a room! It was huge, but again it didn't feel empty. Plus the en-suite was gorgeous as featured a large shower, which I didn't get around to trying out during my stay.
During our first day we decided to visit Folly Farm, roughly a ten minute drive away, which was fantastic. I would go as far to say that it might be my favourite farm/zoo that I have ever visited! The farm section was so cute and some of the animals included a stunning shire horse, goats, pigs, barn owls! The Zoo section was also impressive and we visited animals such as Lions, giraffes, zebras, rhino's and many more - It was such a lovely way to spend our first day. On the way back from Folly Farm we decided to drive to Haverford West around 15 minutes from Bluestone, where we found a Tescos and stocked up on a few foodie treats for our two night stay. We enjoyed a lovely cooked meal in the lodge and generally had a lovely cosy evening in front of the TV with a fluffy blanket. It's also worth mentioning that each lodge has complimentary WIFI, which is a huge bonus (especially for a social media lover like me)
Day two was equally as impressive with a stunning woodland walk in the morning and a visit to The Well Spa. Anyone who knows me will know that I am extremely devoted to my skincare and I genuinely find Spa experiences so interesting and of course relaxing! I just love learning more about how I can look after my skin and keep it in tip top condition. On entering the Well Spa I was pleasantly surprised with the reception/retail area and was given a warm welcome. I was shown the facilities by a member of staff and once I was changed I headed up to take a peak of the thermal facilities before my treatment. I have to say that I've been to quite a few spa's and the facilities at The Well Spa were truly amazing and in a league of their own. The thermal facilities include a hydrotherapy pool, salt inhilation room, hot brick/slate saunas, herbal/marine steam rooms, ice room and experience showers, which give you total sensory overload in the best possible way! After trying out a few of the rooms, I headed back to the "Cwtch" relaxation room (such a cute name) If you're welsh or have any welsh friends/relatives you will know the importance of the word "Cwtch". Within a few minutes of sitting down my friendly and professional therapist Sarah collected me and took me up to my treatment room, which again was very relaxing and full of my favourite Himalayan salt lamps and candles. 

For my treatments I opted for the Espa Radiance Facial and the Relax and Renew Back Treatment. Once I was comfortable Sarah started off with the Relax and Renew treatment, which was so relaxing! The treatment consisted of a light body brush and polish followed by a seriously relaxing massage. Sarah mentioned that I had a huge amount of tension spanning my entire back, so it was nice to feel the relief once the treatment had finished. Following the massage, I was treated to an Espa facial and full skin analysis. The facial was truly beautiful and the aromatic scents of the Espa products made it that extra bit special. After the facial, Sarah told me that my skin was normal and ever so slightly dehydrated in some places, but overall in really good condition. It was great to have such a kind and knowledgeable therapist, who made me feel at ease throughout the entire treatment. After the treatments had finished, I treated myself to some more relaxation in the Thermal Suite and I have to say that the Salt Therapy and Ice Rooms were my absolute favourite! I could literally feel the tension draining from my body. Overall, the experience was truly fantastic and of my favourite spa experiences ever.
On the morning of our second day we also visted Ty Coffi, a beautifully decorated Coffee shop within the Bluestone village, I Had a Vanilla and Candyfloss milkshake, which was SO good. On our last evening we visited the village and ate out at the Farmhouse Grill, which was very enjoyable. Myself and Daniel both love steak and we were really impressed by the food and also the value for money. The following morning we woke up early, as you need to be vacated from the lodge by 10am. We left the lodge by about 9.15am and headed to Tenby where Daniel spent a lot of his childhood. I had never been before, but it was such a beautiful place and we enjoyed a lovely coffee and breakfast roll in a local cafe, as well as raiding an old fashioned sweet shop. I think I could literally start up my own shop with the amount I purchased ha ha!
Overall, our visit to Bluestone was extremely enjoyable and has left me and Daniel really wanting to go back again soon. It is very close to many attractions such as Folly Farm, stunning beaches and general amenities, which is great especially if you are travelling down with your family/friends. I wasn't expecting it to be quite as relaxing as it was, as initially I thought it was more suited to families. However, I was completely wrong! Everything from the luxury lodges to the spa and picturesque walks made our stay at Bluestone truly relaxing and a mini break that I would recommend to literally anyone... families, groups and couples alike! There really is something for everyone.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this review! Have you visited Bluestone before, or is it somewhere that you would like to visit on a mini break?

Lots of Love


Please note our stay and spa treatments were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

25 September 2016

Odacité Eye Contour Serum | REVIEW ❤

Hello my lovelies!
Hope you are all good? I'm in a super good place with my blog at the moment and I'm really feeling the buzz again to get lots of fab new content on the blog. It's definitely become harder with blogging involving at the speed of light, but I always remember why I started this whole thing in the first place, which definitely helps to ground me during my low points. Today I'm going to be writing about a brand called Odacité, which until recently was completely new to me. However, their Eye Contour Serum has got me totally hooked and every other eye product has pretty much been put to the side. I hope you enjoy this review lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

About Odacité 
In 2004, Valerie Gradury the founder of Ofacité was diagnosed with breast cancer and felt an urgent need to reinvent her lifestyle and eliminate toxins from her day to day environment and also from her diet. Odacite was born in 2009 and consists of an enhancing collection of pure plant serum concentrates all rich in skin-essential nutrients.
 The Odacité Eye Contour Serum is Specially formulated to strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes, Odacité's Eye Contour Serum is packed full of conditioning plant extracts and bio-actives. Key ingredients include baobab oil - rich in Vitamins A,E,F and plant sterols, which help to combat primary signs of ageing, by improving elasticity, as well as sarsparillia, palmarosa neroli and lavender oils, which banish puffiness and brighten darkness.

I actually received this as part of the Cult Beauty Summer Goody  Bag, which I qualified for after getting a little spendy with Kypris products. I was so impressed to see a full size Odacite Serum after reading a few reviews about their miraculous formulations, so do I like it? The answer to that is quite simply yes! I love it. Every evening I do my usual skincare routine and as soon as I get out of my steaming shower or bath I reach for my facial oils including the Odacite Serum, which has genuinely transformed my under eye area. To be honest, I've never really come across an "Eye Oil" as such before, but nothing has smoothed, soothed and helped to eliminate puffiness and darkness like the Odacite Eye Contour Serum. 

For £33 you get a teeny 5ml vial, which is actually full size. However, true to form this in an oil and a little goes a long way. One small drop does the job for me evening and first thing in the morning. Odacite have a beautiful array of other oils that target skin specific concerns, they can also be mixed in together or with your daily skincare products to create the ultimate skin elixir. I'm pretty head over heals with this one and love that Odacite are a small and natural brand that really focus on the good stuff!

Have you lovelies tried any Odacite Concentrates?

Lots of Love

22 September 2016

Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2-in-1 Foundation | Review ❤

Hello Lovelies!
Hope you are all well? If you're like me then a base product is the key part of any make-up look and despite being obsessed with lipsticks and blushes, if my base isn't right my face isn't right! Back in August I decided to treat myself to a foundation that I had tried in sample form and really liked! It was the Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2-in-1 Foundation. I've been using this for almost two months now and it's been my go to foundation for pretty much every occasion. I hope you enjoy this review and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.
The Clinique Beyond Perfecting is a foundation and concealer that is designed to perfect your look with a long lasting yet lightweight formula. It is also oil free, which I really like in a foundation, especially as my morning moisturiser is oil free also. The packaging is pretty interesting for this foundation, but I do really like the large doefoot applicator, which means you can dot this on your face without getting messy fingers at all! The applicator is designed to spot-conceal, but I prefer to keep it nice and clean for use across all of my face, plus it's housed in really nice quality glass container, who else loves a glass container?!

The formulation of this foundation is fantastic and I can really rely on it to stick around regardless of it's a busy day in the marketing office or whether I'm out and about running errands. I've even worn it for a full shift and then to the gym after ( I know you're not supposed too) but the fact it stayed on through a sweaty gym session is pretty impressive. Despite being medium-full coverage, this foundation does feel breathable on your skin and you are never left with a powdery or streaky finish. The shade I have is neutral and even though it's probably a shade or two up from my natural tone, it has been a great and very versatile shade during the summer months!
Overall, I really like this foundation and over the past few months not many of my other foundations have managed to see daylight. It's £25 which I think is pretty reasonable considering this can be a concealer too! I oftern apply it to troublesome areas when I'm wearing a lighter foundation on the weekend. I would recommend this foundation if you're looking for a multi-tasker  that you can rely on to stick around regardless of what you might have planned that day or night.

I would love to hear from you in the comments section below! Have you tried this foundation, or is it something that sounds suitable for you?

Lots of Love

20 September 2016


Hello Lovelies!
I ask myself, do I really need anymore skincare? and the answer is always No Yes. I love how my skincare routine relaxes me and helps to calm me down ahead of a busy day or after one. I have a list as long as my arms of products I want to try and most recently I decided to treat myself to the Jurlique Hydration Set, which contains the highly coveted Rosewater Mist! I've been using the products for about three weeks now and couldn't wait to tell you all my two cents and whether I had any particular favourites from the set itself. I hope you enjoy this review lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. 

Described as a lightly whipped, high performance cleanser I was excited to see how my skin reacted to this foaming cleanser.  I'm not usually a huge fan of foaming cleansers, as I find they dry out and aggravate my skin slightly. However, I've really been enjoying the Rose Moisture Plus Cleanser. It has a beautiful rose scent (Think fentimans rose lemonade) and lathers up beautifully dissolving dirt and impurities, whilst enhancing cell turnover with it's powerful antioxidant formula. Key ingredients include Rose Hip Oil known for its restorative, hydrating and balancing properties and Willow Bark Extract which is a natural form of salicylic acid. I'm actually heading to Dubai in three weeks and I'm definitely going to take this away with me to help keep my skin hydrated but balance at the same time.

The Rosewater Balancing Mist has genuinely been on my wish list for over a year now! However, I'm pretty darn faithful to my Elemis Apricot Toner, so I never really felt the need to purchase this product by itself. I'm so glad that it was part of this Set and it certainly hasn't disappointed me! It's described as a balancing mist, which uses Marshmallow, Glycerin, Rose, Aloe Vera and Grapefruit Seed to leave the skin feeling refreshed, balanced and soothed. I love to spritz this either first thing in the morning or just after my cleansing routine whilst in the bath. I feel like when my pores are open that it's the perfect time to let this beautiful mist sink into my skin and work it's magic. I do love this, but prefer to keep it for pampering occasions opposed to using it in the same way as I use my Elemis Toner to finish off my cleansing routine and remove any excess cleansing product. 

Described as a high-performance moisturising cream, I would definitely class this as being a luxurious and intensely moisturising on the skin. It contains a powerful plant and antioxidant complex including Green Tea, Soy Proteins, Rose Hip, Avocado and many more beautifully moisturising ingredients to address signs of dehydration and ageing. I must admit this is the one product that has the least use, but it's not because I dislike the product at all. However, it's very rich and luxurious and in the daytime I tend to prefer a gel-cream formula like Clinique Moisture Surge, so this moisturiser is definitely more of an evening product or me! 

Ahh I love a face oil, especially this one! They are so luxurious, but more importantly balance my skin like no other. If my skin is ever playing up, I pretty much strip my skincare routine right back and just cleanse, tone and oil and within a few days my skin is back to normal! The first thing that I noticed with this oil was that the scent was different from the other three products. Key ingredients include Evening Primrose Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil and Marshmallow, which I think give this product it's slightly sweeter scent! I love that it's super lightweight, but still has a luxurious feel. It leaves my skin feeling velvety smooth and so far has helped to soften my skin and keep it feeling plump, especially when used consistently.

Overall, this is a really great starter kit and the sample sizes are pretty generous too. If you're looking to try Jurlique out as a brand, but like me not too sure what to go for then this little set contains some of their hero products all for £35!

I would love to hear from you in the comments section below - Have your tried Jurlique before, or are any of their products on your wishlist?

Lots of Love
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